Membership Fees for the year are only £54.00, which includes £4.00 membership of Kinson Community Centre. This entitles members to use the Community Centre's free parking on Club Nights and the Licensed Bar facility. (If you are a member of another group at the Community Centre and have paid your membership fee through that group, the £4.00 fee will not be payable) Membership is also required if you wish to take full advantage of the various events included in our Programme of Events.

New Members are always welcome and they will receive a detailed Programme of events upon completion of our Membership Application and payment of Subscriptions.

If you are not sure about becoming a member of the club, you are welcome to come along to a couple of meetings, to test the water so to speak, and pay a nominal fee of £3.00 per meeting (which would be deducted from the Annual Membership fee should you decide to become a full member). See Small Print (Menu item) for further Information. 

The Committee reserves the right under certain circumstances to decline an application for membership.

Link to Membership & Competition Rules (Opens as a PDF Document)

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